Glass Houses Magazine started as a bi-monthly digital magazine in October 2017, inspired by vintage Playboy & Penthouse magazines of the 1970’s and 1980’s, including articles, centerfolds and exclusive nude pictorials. September 2018 saw the start of our alternate month Cover Girl only issues, and in 2020 the magazine transitioned to an online monthly FREE subscription magazine with uncensored nude and erotic feature pictorials, art, interviews & short stories.

As part of our Glass Houses Magazine rebranding, our new brand mark is here! The brand mark incorporates the silhouette of a naked couple fully engaged in having sex together. Her legs are spread wide open as she lies on the floor, with her partner kneeling on top of her. The gh for Glass Houses forms what appears to be a lit candle, but on closer examination it is a fully erect cock ejaculating cum – representing our ideal of fully celebrating the uncensored beauty of erotic art.