Glass Houses Magazine is a FREE bi-monthly online magazine in the style of Playboy & Penthouse magazines.

I am an experienced photographer who has been taking photographs for over 40 years. My specialty is artistic nude and erotic photography.

My work ranges from first time models with no experience, to professional Playboy models. As a lover of music, poetry and visual art, I like to create images that are visual representations of lyrics, poetry or visual beauty in the feminine form.

I love to shoot natural young girls posing for the first time, capturing that once in a lifetime moment that is so beautiful and magical and can never be repeated.

My photos range from artistic and implied nude to topless, nude in nature and erotic photography.

I believe that the human body is beautiful and should not be something to hide or be shameful about, rather it should be celebrated, shared and enjoyed.

Elizabeth – Miss Nude August

I prefer photos that are unique, light-hearted, and artistic, and I like to use the camera as a hidden observer of reality, rather than images that appear more posed.

Why is GLASS HOUSES MAGAZINE free to view? My philosophy is that the human body is beautiful and should not be hidden or something to be ashamed of. That’s why you will often see nudity right on the Front Cover. I don’t believe in hiding what GLASS HOUSES is about – celebrating naked beauty – whether it be topless, nude, or explicit sexuality. The photographs I take are images that capture a moment of incredible natural and erotic beauty, and I take them and share them for their artistic value – not to make money. Often they are of young women, and the photos capture moments that are fleeting and happen only once. The magazine showcases that, and so please enjoy it, and share it freely. I also want to promote the acceptance of nudity as normal and acceptable. Avoiding putting nudity right on the cover, or not publishing some of the more explicit photos sends the wrong message – one of censorship and reinforcing that nudity should be hidden away and looked at in secret. That is not what I believe.

Additional photos not published in Glass Houses Magazine can be viewed as sets in the GALLERY.


Contact me to collaborate or to submit photos for Glass Houses Magazine:

Email: info@glasshouses.ca

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