October 2017

By James Bontemps

Although I have been a photographer for many years, I only starting shooting nude models in 2016. In fact Paige Hoffman was my first ever nude model shoot, and it was the first photo shoot that she posed completely nude.

We shot outdoors in public at Gandy Beach in Florida. The theme was a 70’s style Hippie Girl shoot with flowers in Paige’s hair, reminiscent of the Woodstock era. Paige showed off her sexy tan lines as she posed topless in the Florida sun, and later posed completely nude in my vintage 1970’s VW bus.

We were both really nervous at first, but by the end of the shoot, we were ignoring the people around us and enjoying the moment of freedom and expression of natural beauty.

Paige has gone on to be a kick-ass model who works harder than almost anyone I know. I’m honored to have been there early in her career to capture her when she was new and innocent.

Photography: James Bontemps

Model: Paige Hoffman
Instagram: @lil_tokyo____

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